Miller/Howard Investment Strategies

Income-Equity Strategies
There are two versions of the strategy:
Key features:
  • A multi-cap core portfolio of high-quality stocks focused on high current dividend income and dividend growth, composed of reliable companies from across the broad market.
  • Conservative stocks (average debt rating above investment grade) that are high yield and projected to have a rising stream of income.
  • Solid total returns that provide both income and growth, high current income that increases every year, and a lower federal tax rate on qualified dividends.
MLP Strategy
  • A mid-large-cap portfolio primarily composed of high-quality pipelines and energy facilities with high annual distributions that we project will have strong prospects for growth of distributions.
  • The portfolio comprises Master Limited Partnerships with long-life assets and projects as well as durable and stable business models that can generate substantial cash flow to provide attractive yields for the investor while allowing for long-term organic growth.

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  • A mid-large-cap portfolio of energy and utilities focusing on opportunities in the broad utilities sector: electric, gas, telephone, sanitation, water, and the suppliers that enable their transmission, operation, and growth.
  • Focused on opportunities in the broad, global utilities industry, this portfolio seeks to participate in the dynamic growth potential of the most important economic sector (essential services and infrastructure, worldwide).

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Utilities Plus
  • A mid-cap, opportunistic portfolio focused on distribution gas and electric utility companies that we believe are likely acquisition candidates.
  • Companies are conservative, largely regulated, old-style rate-of-return monopolies that pay and steadily grow dividends.

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High-Yield Equity
  • A high-yield equity portfolio invested in companies that have among the highest dividends in the market.
  • We created this strategy to produce the highest possible income from stocks with reasonable safety and without securities that generate K-1 reports. We expect stocks in this portfolio to continue to pay, and potentially raise, their dividends.
  • Strategy is diversified by industry, quality, and financial strength.

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Drill Bit to Burner Tip®
  • A single-themed, balanced equity strategy that takes advantage of diverse opportunities all along the natural gas value chain, including producers, processors, transporters, and users.
  • Rapid growth and expanding demand characterize this "bipartisan fuel," which is taking the place of coal as the best source of electric generation. Holdings provide steady and rising income, with numerous opportunities for capital appreciation.

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Midstream Energy (No K-1s)
  • Midstream Energy with No K-1s. Midstream companies are the link between energy production and energy use. This strategy invests in exchange-traded General Partners that customarily hold interests in midstream energy limited partnerships but are not subject to K-1 tax forms.
  • Above market yields with superior income growth. Master Limited Partnerships' recent distribution growth has averaged 6%–8%. But GPs have raised their distributions faster than that by virtue of an astute business structure.
  • Stable industry with excellent future opportunities . In our view, the surge in the country's natural gas output and recent approval of new export facilities present enormous opportunities for natural gas infrastructure to meet the needs of both domestic and offshore markets in the years to come.

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