Miller/Howard Infrastructure Fund (INMEX)

The Miller/Howard Infrastructure Fund objective is to seek current income and long-term capital appreciation. The Fund focuses on opportunities in utilities, global communication, energy infrastructure, transportation and logistics, and industry enablers that contribute to the creation and ongoing activities in infrastructure. The Fund has a 50% limit on non-US companies and intends to invest in securities on the US exchanges. In addition, we engage in rigorous analysis of companies using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria both before and after investment.

Essential Services

  • Infrastructure assets are a critical foundation of modern economic and social development.
  • Sustainable growth of the global economy relies on energy, communication, water, waste, and transportation infrastructure, as well as those enabling companies that provide the products and services that maintain and improve these assets.

Inelastic Demand

  • The need for clean water, reliable power and communication is largely inelastic. Regardless of economic conditions, demand remains relatively stable.
  • Infrastructure assets generally generate cash flows over a long time horizon. As a result, they may produce an equitable return in the present along with the potential for inflation-offsetting fee and cash flow growth over time.


  • High current income and consistent growth of income are historical hallmarks of many infrastructure investments. The Fund aims to invest in Infrastructure that the Adviser considers may provide income over the long term.

The Fund has one class of shares:
Share Class Symbol CUSIP
Class I INMEX 60040M503


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